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Stump obtains defense verdict for city

Quinn Johnston attorney Jonathan Stump obtained a defense verdict for a local city following a trial involving a motorcycle accident resulting in injuries.

Plaintiff passed through a road work area after dark, claimed to not see warning signs, and in an attempt to avoid a milled section of the road, plaintiff’s tire caught a raise in the road causing his leg to hit the ground and sustain an ACL tear to his knee.

While the Plaintiff argued that the milled section should have been closed to through traffic as it violated IDOT standards for construction, Mr. Stump questioned a motorcycle expert and accident reconstructionist who testified that the driver should have been able to see the milled section and the signs and that the proper maneuver was not to veer, but rather proceed through the section, something the driver should have been able to easily negotiate. Plaintiff argued fault of the City for leaving the section open. Defense argued comparative fault of the driver greater than 50 percent.

Jury deliberated two hours and returned verdict in favor of City and against Plaintiff.

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