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Jury Returns Not Guilty verdict in Woodford County Farming Injury

Following a one-day jury trial in Woodford County, attorney Mitch Gilfillan earned a not guilty for his client, a farmer in Woodford County. The claim involved a property dispute involving two farmers in El Paso.  The suit arose from Quinn Johnston’s client placing a wooden pallet, cement blocks and wooden scraps on the corner of his farmland adjacent to plaintiff’s father’s land.  On the day of the occurrence, Plaintiff was spraying his father’s land for weeds when he came upon the wooden pallet allegedly hovering the property line.  Fearing a combine would be damaged running into the pallet, Plaintiff attempted to move the wooden pallet and tore his shoulder apart. Plaintiff alleged negligence against Quinn Johntston’s client for failing to properly secure the wooden pallet and for creating a dangerous condition on another’s property.

Following surgery and rehabilitation efforts, plaintiff amassed $35,000 in medical bills.  At trial, counsel for the plaintiff asked the jury for $63,000.  After one hour and 20 minutes of deliberating, the Woodford County jury returned a not guilty verdict, finding in favor of Quinn Johnston on behalf of their client.

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